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Affiliate Partnerships






Partnerships between HR on Call and its' affiliates focuses on providing online/onsite programs and applications to meet the needs of Franchises and Small Businesses.

HR on Call has worked carefully to develop and integrate a wide range of human resources services to add value and ease-of-use convenience to their clients. Programs include: toll free HR support.

Our partnership with affiliates expands the services we can provide to our clients. As an established human resources firm, our client's have approached us about referrals in the following business areas: marketing, accounting. With HR on Call's commitment to using the latest technology to provide better services to its clients, we believe the partnership will be well beneficial to us and or affiliates.

The value that HR on Call will continue bringing to the marketplace will be ongoing support for Franchises and Small Businesses through unique products, proven technology and advanced technical resources. The affiliated company's will offer customized products based on client needs and provide the necessary training. In addition, HR on Call will develop custom human resources programs based on the needs of individual businesses.

If you would like to become an HR on Call affiliate partner please email us at richard@hroncall.ca for further details of the affiliate referral program.









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