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In response to the growing demands of your time as you focus on growing the business, your employee performance issues may be ignored until they become critical, or you may not be meeting the needs of your customers because your employees are not equipped to deal with the demands of their current jobs.

By establishing comprehensive policies and procedures and job descriptions your employees will know what is expected of them. By having company policies documented, you can ensure that there are guidelines for managers to follow when dealing with common employee issues.

With our assistance, you will be able to focus on growing the business while we free up some of your time by helping you handle the people side of the business now and anticipating your future needs.





By allowing us to work with your management team to put in place employee relations programs and ongoing management coaching, your company can prepare for rapid growth. HR on Call will become a virtual human resources department, providing your company with the services and resources you will need to meet the demands of a company in growth mode. We can review your objectives and help you to prepare your employees to understand those objectives and meet them. The highest cost for most startups in growth mode is always the development of a skilled dedicated workforce.




The majority of the work involved after the initial setup will be on-site or on-line coaching. HR on Call has a complete small business Human Resources Kit which is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Once we have successfully introduced our programs, you will realize a significant reduction of employee relations issues and have more time to focus on growing the business.







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