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The key to successfully moving an employee back into the marketplace, is preparing them for their transition into a new job by giving them the tools to move forward. By providing them with basic outplacement services you will speed up the process of them moving into a new job and reduce the chances of costly litigation.



1-1 Attention during the Transition


HR on Call can help you through this process by providing you with a customized self-study kit or a workshop that will have the effect of positive public relations and marketplace employee relations by ensuring your image as a caring employer.

Each Individual is treated as such, everybody's needs are different, to try to list all the possible subjects that can be covered in 1-1 meetings is impractical, but some of the most common issues dealt with include:

• Advice on future career direction.
• Help to identify transferable skills.
• Exploring career options.
• Planning a professional job hunt.
• Assistance preparing a resume.
• Advice on Interview techniques.
• Interview role-play and feedback.


Workshops On-site


We can set up, on customers premises, fully equipped workshops to provide a focus for support, and give the clients a base for job hunting and for the provision of 1-1 counselling.

This workshop is delivered over 1 or 2 days and covers the full range of subjects required to conduct a professional Job Search







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