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Benefits Consultation and Administration


We provide your Company with our expertise in the negotiation of insurance renewals. We work closely with insurance brokers and companies to ensure that you receive the best price possible for insurance coverage. We provide benefits administration for our retainer clients. Employee Benefit Statements that show how much they are receiving in the form of indirect compensation can be produced at an additional cost.



Services provided:


• Review Benefit Plans for cost savings
• Negotiate case bids with carriers
• Conduct employee enrollment
• Provide benefit statements




As part of our "Hands on Administration" a representative will visit your place of employment on an as needs basis depending on Company issues. There is a minimum per month visit based on your retainer contract. We will oversee the day-to-day operation of the HR area. Review employee files and remove information that by law should not be part of an employee's personnel file. Set up a filing system for HR files and review for compliance. Provide the Company with HR policies, procedures and related forms. Perform other HR services as needed.







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