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HR on Call will review your firm's projected growth objectives and recommend practical cost- effective solutions to achieve those objectives.

Our company has been offering this service to employers since 1986. This service has always been provided as a proactive measure to ensure that you have the right people at the right time to meet the needs of your company, as it makes its mark in the marketplace.



Scope of Services Include:


• Unique sourcing of employees
• Automated evaluation of resumes
• Creative employee retention programs
• Candidate assessment coaching
• Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements




Working closely with you and your management, we will provide your company with resources that allow you to focus on growing the business and not day-to-day "firefighting". Creating a solid employee relations portfolio of services and benefits will help to attract skilled professionals to your company. Once the programs and processes are in place the company will be able to grow exponentially without having to repeatedly solve the same employee issues.
This service will include access to recruitment documentation, web-based resume assessment programs and ongoing assistance with the retention of employees.





The majority of the work involving the recruitment/retention of skilled professionals requires the efficient sourcing of candidates. This can be done to a large extent by our web resume evaluation programs, linked to recruitment portals. If we are successful in retaining your current group of professionals by assessing and meeting their needs, you will realize substantial recruitment cost savings. All coaching can be done on-line, by telephone or in person at your office.







HR on Call

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