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Employment Standards - Questions and Answers



Statutory Holidays


Q. Which holidays do we have to pay the associates for?
A. See the local legislation.

Q. What do we have to pay the associates for statutory holidays?
A. The associates should be paid for the day. If the holiday falls on an associate's regularly scheduled day off, they should be given another day off during the week.

Q. If we open, what do we have to pay the associates?
A. Anyone working the holiday gets paid time and a half and another day off. Those associates not working still get paid.

Q. How do we pay those associates who work variable hours?
A. Use the average hours calculation that was discussed under disciplinary action.

Q. What happens if we don't give the associate another day off.
A. The holiday pay is not considered part of regular hours, but the week that contains the holiday the standard hours for that week are adjusted down by 8 (or the hours in a standard work day).


Over Time


Q. When do we pay over time?
A. Over time is paid after 44 hours. We suggest that the locations follow the same policy but some will use a different timing. The franchise have to pay over time for hours worked above the legal standard. See the provincial charts for the standard hours in each province. For unionized associates see the appropriate contract.



General Human Resources Administration


Q. How long is maternity leave?
A. See the local provincial legislation.

Q. Do we provide leave for fathers?
A. Some provinces have that provision; please see the attached chart. Leave outside of the legal guidelines leave is not provided; however time may be granted to the father (at the manager's discretion). This would fall under compassionate leave.

Q. What happens to a person's benefits when they are on maternity/paternity leave?
A. Benefits should be continued during this time period unless the person opts to waive them. If the associate chooses to waive the benefits, they should sign a letter to that effect. When an associate chooses to continue benefits, the associate has 2 payment options: providing the company with post dated cheques for the amount of benefits or paying the amount from the first 3 paycheques upon returning. If the associate chooses to pay when returning, a letter confirming the amount of each benefit and the payment option should be completed. Human Resources can provide you with a letter. With respect to benefits that are paid solely by the company contact Human Resources for the more information.

Q. What is compassionate leave?
A. Compassionate leave is up to 3 days paid on compassionate grounds. This leave includes but is not exclusive to a death in the family. The policy applies to immediate family, but may have a wider scope, depending on circumstances.

Q. Do we have any reasons for unpaid leave?
A. Yes. Extended leave of absence (should not last longer than 4 weeks and needs prior approval) and serving in the armed forces reserve.

Q. Do franchises have to follow the corporate policy and procedures?
A. We recommend that they do, it is in their own interests. Some dealers do not follow our guidelines, therefore when dealing with any issue it is important to first determine what they have done in the past.







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