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Organizational Development



Consultant Profile: Kathy Murphy


Choosing Starting at Nine for outsourcing of any of your management, and administrative functions allows you to gain immediate experience not currently within your firm. We provide that cost effective, extra pair of hands as needs arise. Our goal is to supplement and support your key leadership staff and provide a climate for greater profitability.

Our Principal

Kathy Murphy has over 25 years of experience managing and leading business units to deliver quality work and achieving operational excellence. Kathy is a turn around and strategic plan implementation specialist. She has held senior management positions in many sectors including law firms, professional services, associations, mining and energy, manufacturing and distribution.




Business Innovation

         Design and/or Implement Business and Strategic Plans

         Process Audit Improvements; eliminate barriers to productivity and profit

         Audit/Create Operating Budgets leveraging cost savings

         Cash Flow management and Strategic Financial planning to increase profitability

         Organizational Design/Staffing Realignment

         Change Management

         Customer Service Excellence programs

         Culture Development and building staff loyalty reducing costly turn over 

Human Resource Solutions

         Third party pre-employment background verification and reference checking

         Key Staff Leadership Programs and ongoing Mentoring for Success

         Team Building coaching and training programs 

Facilities Management

         Facility layout - organize and modernize existing space or oversee full redesign

         of current space increasing space utilization and efficiencies

Facility selection and relocation including project management during relocation








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