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Loss Prevention and Security Solutions


Using a network of professionals, HR on Call provides Loss Prevention and Security solutions to businesses and individuals.

We offer a variety of services including Risk Assessment, Site Surveys, Operational Auditing and customized programs for your company or organization.

Specialized services outsourced for confidentiality. For further information regarding our services or for consultation, please contact us via e mail.

Always Remember: Loss is Not A "Cost of Doing Business"... It Is Preventable!



Loss Prevention Consultation (for any size business)


Business loss prevention is a most specialized field. And the ability to recognize loss-creating issues and offer viable solutions is reserved for only the best of consultants. Here at HR on Call you are rewarded with the most authoritative loss prevention consultation available for your business.

• Expert, Personalized Service
• Nationwide Capability
• Program Development
• Program Evaluation
• Program Enhancement
• Identify Causes Of Loss
• Eliminate Causes Of Loss

Excellent Advice to Protect All of Your Business Assets


Background Research


The business world today dictates that we employ all reasonable measures to protect Associates, Customers, and Clients. Background research has become a necessity rather than just a very good loss prevention measure. BBC manages background research programs nationwide for businesses large and small.

It's no longer an option...

Superior Service... Reasonable Fees







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