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Cameron and Associates
Operations Management Consultants



Company Profile:


I provide consulting services to independent companies seeking advice/assistance on organizational structures, financial management, manpower planning, succession planning, inventory improvement performance, market share growth, competitive shopping and many other operational training requirements. I have over 34 years experience in the Retail Sector. Positions I have held in those years consist of Store Management, Operational Management, Franchise and Business Development and Senior Management. I have valuable business skills I know will benefit your organization.

I have developed and facilitated training seminars for groups and individual store locations on Financial Management, inventory Management and Competing in Today's Retail Environment. I developed a Manager In Training Program to train individuals to become business owners and operators. This program was so successful, it is now being used to train for successions planning in a large Lumber and Building Supply Business in New Zealand.

My best work is achieved when working at individual store locations. I can give the owners and their staff the time and attention required to produce profitable and desirable results. In contrast to other consultants, I do not just analyze the business and develop a report for the owner to follow. Rather, I insist upon seeing my developed operational and organizational policies operating effectively. It is important to be able to see implemented policies and suggestions working and progressing into desired results.


Programs and Services:


• Perform Operational Audits. Assessments of the stores current situation and a detailed report of recommendations that could be implemented to improve performance.
• How to work with benchmarks and understand their meanings and the lost opportunities that exist.
• Manpower planning and benchmarking.
• How to successfully compete in Today's Retail Environment.
• Improving Inventory and Finance Management Skills.
• Conduct extensive research into market positions and expense controls.
• Implement a Standard Policy and Procedure Guidelines Manual.
• Ideas for improving customer service and shrink control.
• Operational Procedures for accounting...dealing with timely financial reporting, cash flow management and record retention.
• Training courses on Business management, Finance, Benchmarking and inventory.

These are only some of the services I could offer your location.

Many companies and consultants can show you lost opportunity but only a few can show you how to obtain the results. My best results are achieved working with you on a one to one level. I do not just analyze your business and develop a report for you to follow, rather, I insist upon seeing my developed operational and organizational policies and recommendations operating effectively. It is important to be able to see implemented policies working and progressing into desired expectations.

If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss my service by email at wl.Cameron@sympatico.ca. I look forward to hearing from you.







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