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Apernet Canada


Apernet is a leading independent IT Business firm based in Canada, United Kindom, Spain, Argentina and Mexico that has been working and growing every year since 1996.

With the vision that Internet technology gives companies - as never before - the capacity to communicate with their clients in a one-to-one basis, Apernet delivers business solutions to blue chip clients in the region, and integrates them into any technological platform the clients have - or builds a new one.

For "IT Business" we understand the intersection between the IT and Business tactics that weren't highly related in the past, but now are absolutely interdependent when a company adopts a new corporate strategy (seen as the migration from traditional Push models to "information age" Pull models).

Apernet has direct clients throughout Latinamerica, Europe and Northamerica; and is a major player in the IT market in Latinamerica, and permanently works with the largest global networks.

Our goal is to be the "factory" of the most important interactive consultancies, agencies and IT Marketing firms worldwide, providing them with the "last mile" development services.



Our core competencies include:


Consulting Services
• Business and Technical consultancy
• Solutions analysis and integration

Software Development
• Custom solution building
• Content Management Systems
• Learning Management Systems
• IP Telephony development

Interactive Marketing
• Graphic and Web Design
• Media Planning, Buying and Monitoring
• Campaign Management, Analysis and Optimization
• Traffic tracking & behaviour analysis

IT Management Services
• Systems Maintenance
• Onsite Network Administration
• Hosting and Server Administration







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