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Speech, Article & Proposal Writing 



Company Profile:


The Write Connections Inc. specializes in creating sales and marketing communications that turn unmemorable monologue into cut-through-the-clutter dialogue.


Programs and Services:


• Speech, Article & Proposal Writing  

Although getting published and speaking at trade associations may not secure the sale, these activities will enhance your personal credibility, position you as an “expert’ and provide that all-important third-party endorsement of your company and your products and services.  The Write Connections Inc. has ghost written many published articles and speeches.  We have also written more than 200 architectural proposals – 98% of these successfully were successfully short-listed.   

• Humor (Humour for all you ‘real’ Canadians)  

Many speakers would like to add humor to their speeches and presentations and don’t know how. Our witty circle of comic communicators work best with senior executives who are already speaking in public and publishing articles under their own by-line and who want to take their communications to the next memorable level.  Our comics are also available to entertain at your corporate events.  

• Spokesperson & Presentation Training 

How the message is delivered or information is presented, is just as important as the content of what is said. The Write Connections Inc. has coached executives and managers to feel confident in delivering their messages to media, employees, boards and other important audiences. 

We love what we do and it shows. Our professional credentials and commitment to “sweat the small stuff” translate into award-winning communications and marketing programs, stronger brands and corporate pride. 

The Write Connections Inc.

Telephone: 416/699-2949

Email: info@writeconnections.to 

Helping Clients “Persuade, Motivate and Make Things Happen” Since 1989






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